2024 Earth's Bounty Festival Application
Are your products produced locally?
(Within 200 miles)
What do you plan to sell?
What dates do you plan to attend in 2024?
Will you require a power source?
Note: Power is only available on the park perimeter.

Each booth is $35 per festival. If you elect to pay for all eight events, the last month will be free ($245 instead of $280). Prepayment for all festivals will guarantee booth placement, if possible. Booth rental fees are nonrefundable. Multiple booths may be rented. In addition to booth fees, each vendor will be expected to donate a small amount of produce/product for a gift basket to be given away as a door prize at the end of each festival.

***NOTE: All products must be agriculturally based. Earth's Bounty does NOT allow arts and crafts, including, but not limited to, ceramics, artwork, jewelry, stitchery, glasswork, knickknacks, etc.

Daily Farmers Market-Season Rate: $35 per month, April – November, includes Earths Bounty monthly festival dates and Monday-Saturday. Note: The city will no longer offer a weekly toilet service. You may use Union Station.

Please remit payment to:

City of Meridian
Community Development
723 23rd Avenue
P. O. Box 1430
Meridian, MS 39302

For further information, call the City of Meridian, Community Development at 601.485.1998.


  1. All festival operations are managed by the City of Meridian, including allotment of spaces, parking, and truck placement.  Parking is allowed in designated spaces only. For safety reasons, trucks must park with tailgates facing each other. The display area per farmer must include space measuring five feet in length from the back edge of the tailgate, and the width must be one foot wider than the width of the truck.
  2. Regardless of the size or type, vehicles (trucks, cars, or vans, with or without trailers) must be able to fit within the allotted space. If a trailer is used, it must not exceed 12 feet in length.
  3. All produce must be locally grown, or a sign with 3-inch letters must be displayed showing where the produce came from. “Locally grown” means produce either grown or purchased within a 200-mile radius of Meridian. Wholesale purchased produce must be crops that could be grown locally and needs to be labeled as such. Homegrown canned, processed or baked goods, and agriculturally made products/items are also allowed if labeled correctly.
  4. Vendors who accept State or Local Voucher programs must have their farm inspected by the market manager once per year.
  5. All producers at the market must show proof of liability insurance on all vehicles entering the market.
  6. Vendors are expected to conduct themselves in a friendly, businesslike manner. Belligerent actions, profanity, drug or alcohol use, or harassment of other vendors or customers will not be tolerated. Anyone failing to adhere to these rules will be barred from the market and faces forfeiture of booth payments. Recommendations or complaints should be directed to the City of Meridian at 601.485.1998.
By typing your name in the above Electronic Signature field, you agree to abide by Earth's Bounty Code of Operations.