The Finance and Records Department plays a pivotal role in the governance and organizational structure of the city, seamlessly managing a range of functions that are vital to the city’s operations. With a focus on maintaining official records and ensuring sound financial stewardship, the department’s divisions collaborate harmoniously to deliver excellence in service to the community.

Key Responsibilities

Administration Division: This division holds the responsibility of meticulously maintaining the city’s official records and financial documents, ensuring accuracy and compliance with established standards.

Business Affairs Division: This handles a spectrum of business-related matters, from managing purchasing, bids, City Hall building maintenance, and the issuance of business privilege licenses to facilitating transactions related to taxes.

Information Systems Division: This division is entrusted with overseeing software and hardware systems, ensuring their functionality and safeguarding data integrity and seamless operation.

Utility Billing Division: This division undertakes the critical task of meter reading and billing for customers. Dedicated to delivering accurate and transparent billing, the Utility Billing Division stands ready to address any customer queries.

Water Collections Division: This division plays a pivotal role in managing interactions related to water services, from addressing billing inquiries to assisting with adjustments and new service setup.

Election Coordination: In a testament to the department’s diverse responsibilities, the Finance and Records Department also coordinates the city’s elections.

Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Logo

Awarded for 25 consecutive years, 1994 -2020

Awarded for 25 consecutive years,
1994 -2020

Contact Information

Chief Financial Officer/City Clerk

Brandye Latimer

601 23rd Avenue

P.O. Box 430
Meridian, MS 39302-1430

Finance & Records

601 23rd Avenue

P.O. Box 430
Meridian, MS 39302-1430