Fire Code Ordinance

There is hereby adopted as the official fire code of the City of Meridian that certain code identified and captioned as the “2018 International Fire Code,” which said code having been presented to and examined by the city council in pamphlet form and now on file in the office of the city clerk of the City of Meridian.

Open Burning Ordinance

The State Code APC-S-1, Section 3.7, banned open burning, and only the Mississippi Forestry Commission is allowed to issue Burn Permits.

Fire Lane Ordinance

An ordinance has been enacted defining fire lanes and fire zones within the City of Meridian whether on public or private property; establishing requirements for the marking and signage of same; prescribing penalties and enforcement for the violation of this ordinance; repealing any provision of other ordinances or the standard fire prevention code in conflict therewith; and amending the code of ordinances to provide for codification.

Fire Alarm Ordinance

An ordinance has been enacted to regulate the installation and operation of fire, burglary, and robbery alarm systems, to establish a license system, to repeal certain other ordinances, and further to provide for fees and penalties, fines, and other remedies for the violation thereof.