All firefighters are trained to the first responder level in emergency medical treatment, and many are trained to the level of emergency medical technician.

Other training for all firefighters includes:

  • CPR and the use of AEDs (automated external defibrillators). This is very important so we can provide advanced emergency care prior to the arrival of ambulance personnel.
  • Rescue equipment employed for various rescue purposes, such as extricating victims of automobile accidents. Some of these tools are Jaws of Life, airbags, hydraulic rams, cutting tools, and rope rescue equipment. All of this equipment requires special knowledge of how it works and what the result of its placement and usage in each unique situation will be.

Firefighters are required to have passed different training courses to advance up through the ranks in the fire service. These classes are given at the Mississippi Fire Academy and delivered in-house by the department’s full-time Training Officer. In-house training is an ongoing daily task in the Meridian Fire Department.

After firefighters are trained in the above areas, they are encouraged to apply for other courses at the Mississippi Fire Academy, the National Fire Academy, Meridian Community College and Meridian Public Safety Training Facility. Some of the related areas of study include advanced firefighting and rescue techniques, fire officer and leadership classes, fire prevention and fire code classes, and administrative and management courses. MCC offers a fire science degree.