Welcome to the website for the City of Meridian. I hope that you find this informative and useful. Whether you are a resident, live nearby, or are visiting from afar, we welcome you. Mississippi’s Queen City, Meridian, offers much to residents and visitors. A thriving downtown with world-class educational and entertainment facilities, a rich history in arts and entertainment, and a prime Southeastern location Meridian is the center of it all.

We are rich in history and love to celebrate that at every opportunity. When you are the home to the Father of Country Music, the Key brothers, the final resting place for the Queen of the Gypsies, Mississippi’s oldest restaurant, and an operational Dentzel Carousel, you cannot help but acknowledge your past. Meridian’s yesterday was noteworthy as a bustling railroad town, but we welcome you to see that we have an even brighter tomorrow. Meridian is amid its rebirth with a revitalized downtown, a growing economy, and a spirit of resilience.

Spend some time in Meridian, visit the Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience, catch a show at the MSU Riley Center, hike at Bonita Lakes, and check out the Mississippi Children’s Museum-Meridian. We are happy you have been here for a few hours or a lifetime. Welcome!


Signature of Mayor Jimmie Smith

Mayor Jimmie Smith

Photo of Mayor Jimmie Smith