The Public Safety Department coordinates with other departments to address emergencies and disasters as they happen. With the other departments, we will assist with the resources needed to prepare, respond, recover, and mitigate incidents. This includes the cleanup of natural and man-made incidents.

Our responsibilities:

  • Operates the 99-acre Meridian Public Safety Training Facility.
  • Makes the training facility available for local agencies that provide in-service training and all city departments.
  • Coordinates training for rescue and law enforcement agencies in terrorism response, active shooter events, search, and rescue.
  • Responds to emergencies inside the city limits that include hazardous material incidents, lost persons, storm damage, collapsed structures, and bomb threats.
  • Coordinates with the Lauderdale Emergency Management Agency (LEMA), Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to recover any available funds for the city and our residents following declared disasters.
  • Manages various public safety grants.

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Contact Information

Public Safety Director

Doug Stephens

1180 Sandflat Road