The Public Works Department serves as the city’s infrastructure backbone, managing tasks vital to residents’ quality of life. From water resource management to street maintenance, it ensures a safe, functional, and attractive environment for all.

Key Responsibilities

Street Maintenance: Manages resurfacing, patching, curbs, signs, and markings.

Drainage and Hygiene: Maintains clean drainage systems through measures including ditch cleaning, street sweeping, sidewalk construction and maintenance, and mosquito control for city sanitation.

Waste Management Oversight: Contracts private firms for garbage collection while maintaining city cleanliness and health.

Freshwater Management: Provides clean water, maintains/replaces meters, and tends to water and sewer lines, and fire hydrants.

Sewer System Maintenance: Prevents sewer overflow, ensuring efficient operation for public health.

Wastewater Treatment: Operates two freshwater and two wastewater plants, vital for ecological balance.

Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance: Maintains city vehicles and equipment for functionality and longevity.

Contact Information

Public Works Director

David M. Hodge, P.E.

311 27th Avenue

Public Works

311 27th Avenue

After Hours

Non-Emergency Dispatch

Residential Water Issues

Public Streets/Drain Issues