All municipalities and/or utilities are faced with increasing expenses related to their sewer systems. More stringent quality standards (such as higher wastewater effluent quality standards), general system upgrading, and increasing operations and maintenance expenses must now be factored into overall financial planning to account for sewer system assets to be properly maintained, repaired, and eventually replaced. Although costly, these expenses are essential to ensuring a safe and healthy environment, as well as promoting the opportunity for economic growth of the community.

Budgeting and financial planning form the foundation of a municipality’s sewer system operations. The purpose of Meridian’s Financing and Cost Analysis Program is to serve as a strategic outline for effectively tracking and projecting/budgeting the funds required for managing, operating, and maintaining its sewer system. Once implemented, this program is expected to promote the following goals related to Meridian’s sewer system: (1) ensure the Public Works Department has the resources necessary to meet all regulatory requirements and provide an acceptable level of service for its customers; (2) better manage the Public Works Department’s finances to ensure the sustainability of its infrastructure; (3) establish long-term capital investment planning for regulatory compliance and reinvestment in aging infrastructure; and (4) provide responsible service and system reliability in a cost-effective manner.