The main role of the Code Enforcement Division is the diligent enforcement of codes, ordinances, and regulations sanctioned by the City of Meridian’s governing authority. This endeavor is driven by our commitment to:

Property Safety: Safeguarding the well-being of all properties and structures within our jurisdiction.

Aesthetic Excellence: Cultivating and preserving the visual appeal of both residential and commercial properties.

Property Maintenance: Establishing and upholding a uniform standard of property upkeep across the spectrum.

Quality of Life Enhancement: Elevating the quality of life for citizens, residents, visitors, and business proprietors alike, contributing to a harmonious and thriving community environment.

Contact Information

Code Enforcement

Concerns, Observations, or Complaints

The work generated by this division will often begin as a result of a citizen’s concern, observations, or complaints regarding what will appear to be a property maintenance issue on another property. Citizens can report any of these issues to the Code Enforcement Administrative Assistant.

The City of Meridian has four Code Enforcement Officials, with one officer assigned to each ward.

Possible Violations

Structures or buildings that appear to be abandoned and/or in a state of disrepair; garbage and rubbish in the yard; inoperable or abandoned vehicles; plant overgrowth (weeds, grass in excessive height); openly storing appliances on the exterior; fences that are fallen.

Process of Addressing the Violations:

  1. Inspection of the property is made.
  2. Notice of Violation is issued when an actual violation exists.
  3. Reinspection occurs after a reasonable time is allotted for correction of the violation.
  4. Citation is issued for the violation if the property is not in compliance.
  5. An Environmental Court Appearance is scheduled with the issuance of the citation.
  6. Fines or liens could result if the property is not brought into compliance.