The Planning Division is actively involved in both immediate and long-range planning initiatives. It consists of a team of skilled professionals. These dedicated individuals play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of our community’s growth, overseeing the execution of plans, and ensuring adherence to vital ordinances. Within the division’s range of responsibilities it manages a diverse array of tasks, including the preparation and administration of ordinances, expert grant writing and management, and vigilant oversight of landscape design and recreation construction projects.

Contact Information

Planning Division

723 23rd Avenue

Key Activities

Strategic Planning: Delving into both short-term and long-term plans that lay the groundwork for our community’s advancement.

Ordinance Expertise: Skillfully steering the development, implementation, and enforcement of zoning, subdivision, and development ordinances.

Historic Preservation: Nurturing the planning and preservation of our cherished historic buildings and districts, preserving our cultural heritage.

Urban Forestry Initiatives: Taking a proactive stance in managing the city’s trees and championing green infrastructure as an integral part of urban development.

Landscape Enhancement: Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of our city through thoughtfully designed landscape improvements on municipal property and city rights of way.

Recreation and Trails: Pioneering the design and execution of recreational spaces and trails, and seeking and securing the funding required to bring these projects to fruition.

Neighborhood Revitalization: Spearheading neighborhood enhancement projects that contribute to both economic development and the overall well-being of our residents.

Grant Application and Management: Demonstrating expertise in seeking and successfully managing available grant programs to fund various community-improvement endeavors.

Planning Applications & Fees

Planning Documents

City of Meridian Code of Ordinances
The following documents are online and codified by Municipal Code (Municode):


  • Article I. – In General
  • Article II. – Planning Commission
  • Article III. – Historic Preservation
  • Article IV. – Tree Protection


  • Article I. – In General
  • Sec. 20-31. – Closing and vacating streets and alleys – Generally
  • Sec. 20-32. – Same – Contents of petition


  • Article I. – In General
  • Article II. – Zoning District Regulations
  • Article III. – Administration and Enforcement
  • Article IV. – Definition of Terms

Historic Preservation Districts

The City has eight recognized historic districts and neighborhoods, including, within its Downtown District, the largest collection of historic commercial buildings in the state.

The Downtown Historic District was formed through the merger of two previous districts — the Union Station District and the Urban Center District. The district has 130 resources considered as contributing elements to its historic character.  Highland Park District consists primarily of the public park of the same name plus five surrounding residences. This district also contains the county’s only National Historic Landmark in the form of the Dentzel Carousel and Carousel Shelter Building. Meridian’s six historic residential neighborhoods were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1987 and 1988 and feature fine homes and buildings typical of their eras.

In addition to the district resources, Meridian has some 31 individual buildings listed on the National Register and more than 25 Mississippi Landmark Sites.